London Assembly and cycling business support LCC demo outside City Hall calling for immediate Superhighway 2 upgrade

This morning at 9am, the London Cycling Campaign were joined outside City Hall by Assembly Members from all four main political parties, including the chairs of the London Assembly Transport Committee, demanding immediate action to make the Cycle Superhighway 2 from Aldgate to Bow safe for cycling.

Ben Hart, Director of Marketing and e-Commerce at London-based cycling retailer Evans Cycles, one of the UK's largest cycling businesses, also supported the event. 

Those gathered held up placards highlighting the fact that 10,000 individual emails have been sent in the last few days to Mayor Boris Johnson by members of the public calling for immediate safety improvements to Superhighway 2.

Transport Committee chairs Val Shawcross (Lab) and Caroline Pidgeon (Lib Dem) showed their support, with AMs Richard Tracey (Con) and Darren Johnson (Green) also attending.

Six Londoners have died on the Mayor's Superhighway 2 cycle route from Bow to Stratford since it opened in 2011, with three of those fatalities in the last two weeks.

Since the London Cycling Campaign called for our supporters to start emailing the Mayor last Thursday, 10,000 Londoners have used our online web page to send a personal message to the Mayor demanding he takes immediate steps to make Cycle Superhighway 2 safe.

We're calling on the Mayor to take immediate action to make Superhighway 2 safe by introducing protected space on the main road and at major junctions to separate cyclists from dangerous speeds and volumes motor traffic. 

LCC chief executive Ashok Sinha said, "If there had been protected space for cycling on Superhighway 2, then the six Londoners who died there would still be alive. 

"We call on the Mayor to reject the prioritisation of motor traffic over cycling safety, and provide protected space for cycling from Aldgate to Bow, at major junctions and along the entire length of Superhighway 2."

Ben Hart of Evans Cycles said: “Safety is a growing concern for cyclists on our roads and is holding London back from becoming a true cycling super city.

"It's essential that Mayor Boris Johnson addresses safety concerns at major junctions and main roads where cyclists feel most vulnerable and the risk is highest.”