London boasts world's fastest velodrome but skimps on bike parking

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Located in a striking building in London, it’s reportedly the fastest cycling track in the world, which will hold up to 6000 spectators.

However, LCC has learned that there are only plans for 222 cycle parking spaces outside the London Olympic velodrome.

The Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) estimates that 7%, or fewer, spectators will arrive at events by bike, despite the provision of several on-road and off-road cycle routes in the Olympic Park.

The plan for 222 places in fact represents just 4% percent of a 6000-person capacity.

The ODA suggests that additional cycle parking could be provided by race organisers, but there is no space currently allocated for temporary stands to be erected.

LCC has argued that space for up to 20% of spectators should be allocated at the Velodrome.

Tell the Olympic organisers what you think

If you want to ride to the races and park your bike securely, you can write to the ODA here .

You can also click on the button to show that you are one of the people who would like to ride to Velodrome events when it becomes the UK’s premier cycling venue after the Olympics are over.

Gerhard Weiss said, "In a recent meeting with the ODA, we raised the poor provision cycle parking, but we told of fears that there might be 'too many empty racks'.

"We note that this is rarely a worry when it comes to car parking provision."