London borough of Ealing scraps motorbikes in bus lanes trial

As a result of the increased casualties related to motorbikes in bus lanes, Ealing Council is to scrap the experiment, which has run since January 2009.

The council considered data from the London wide experiment on Transport for London roads and data from motorcycle crashes on Ealing roads.

The increased casualties in Ealing were similar to those on the TfL roads.

There were significantly more motorcyclist casualties especially from crashes with cars turning across lanes or changing lanes.

The severity of these crashes was also higher than before.

In both trials cyclist casualties were higher than expected.

The original claims that there would be a 40% safety benefit to motorcyclists has been proven wrong in both experiments.

In July 2010, Ealing council followed the TfL example of extending the length of its bus lanes experiment, despite the provisions of the Road Traffic Regulation Act that such trials should only last for 18 months.

Official comments about the current TfL experiment should be sent in by 24th January 2012, so please email comments to