London car clubs encourage more cycle and public transport use

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Analysis from CTC (Cyclist Touring Club) has shown that people who have 24/7 access to a car via a sharing scheme are much more likely to cycle or use public transport than the general population.

According to Dave Holladay, CTC's transport co-ordinator, the annual CarPlus poll of car club members reveals that not owning a car but having the option of using one 24/7 delivers a massive boost to the use of other modes by Car Club members.

London: car club members vs general population

Use rail once per month:
car club members = 79%
general population = 36%

Use bus once per month:
car club members = 93%
general population = 71%

Cycle once per month
car club members = 41%
general population = 17%

Holladay said, "In Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland, car club memberships and cycle hire are often sold in a package with bus and rail passes. And bus and rail companies often own part or all of the bike and car sharing schemes.

"We need to sort out cycle carriage [on trains] or a realistic alternative in place of the blunt confrontation of a ban on something people want to do, blocking out up to 50% of the effective working day."