London church organises bike day in Harrow

St Albans church Bike Day

St Albans church in North Harrow offered free bike checks and cycling advice to encourage local residents to cycle to church.

In a bid to encourage more cycling in the Harrow community, St Albans church received funding to install bike parking for the local churchgoers.

Bike day 16th Jan

As part of the launch of the new infrastructure and to raise awareness, Gerry Devine from St Albans church organised a bike day on 16th January. All residents were invited to bring their bikes to the free bike clinic.

Three bike mechanics worked on 25 bikes and 48 visitors came to get free advice how to keep safe on the road and how to look after their bikes. A further 18 bikes were security tagged by the Rayners Lane safer neighbourhood team.

Gerry describes the bike day as only the beginning.

‘The cycling revolution has begun in North Harrow and we want to make it run and run until many more people are cycling in this heavily congested and car-bound part of London.’

As a next step, St Albans church plans to provide cycle training.

Fact file

Name St Alban’s church hall cycling plan
Purpose Encourage and promote cycling in the local community
Awarded £1,500 from the Community Cycling Fund for London in 2009.
Activities free bike checks, cycle training, and secure bike parking.