London Cycle Guides get people on bikes

London Cycling Campaign research shows that people using the London Cycle Guides are encouraged to get on their bikes for the first time. People already cycling in London are getting on the bikes more, finding new routes around London.

The main findings were:

  • Users of the London Cycle Guides are cycling more: 45.04% of respondents said that they cycle more and after obtaining a London Cycle Guide.
  • People cycling more gave these explanations: new knowledge of cycle routes, new knowledge of safer/quieter routes, and inconvenient public transport.
  • 82.40% thought that the London Cycle Guides were useful or very useful.
  • People new to cycling are using the London Cycle Guides: 17.53% of respondents called themselves as ‘beginner’ or ‘occasional’ cyclists.

This research shows that London Cycling Campaign’s publishing of cycle route mapping information has and does help people in London get on their bikes.

To download the full report (213kb pdf) click here