London Cycle Hire scheme will be free for first 30 minutes

photo TfL This artist impression shows a docking station full of bikes for the Cycle Hire scheme 

LCC has welcomed Transport for London's announcement that the Zone 1 Bike Hire scheme, due for launch in July 2010, will be free for users for the first half hour.

The Cycle Hire scheme is expected to encourage an extra 40,000 trips per day, with 6000 bikes and 400 docking stations across Central London.

LCC chief executive Koy Thomson said, "The scheme will enable the five million Londoners who don’t own bikes to enjoy the freedom, convenience and health benefits of cycling.

As a measure to complement the Hire scheme, LCC has drawn up plans for a Zone 1 BikeGrid, to create an integrated cycle network in Central London.

LCC is also lobbying to have the Cycle Hire Scheme extended to all London boroughs in conjunction with improvements in cycle provision across Greater London.
Thomson said, "We'll be offering advice and support to new cyclists when the hire scheme is launched. The London cycle maps, which we created with TfL, will be invaluable to new cyclists."