Cyclists appalled at latest fatality on Cycle Superhighway at Bow roundabout

A 58-year-old cyclist, travelling to work at the Olympic site, was killed in a crash with a tipper lorry at the Bow roundabout on Cycle Superhighway 2, reported the BBC.

We and all London cyclists are distressed to hear of this tragedy, and our sympathies go out to the friends and family of the man who died on the morning of Monday 24 October 2011.

This was the seventh cyclist death resulting from a crash with a lorry in 2011, and yet again it involved a large tipper lorry.

In our consultations with Transport for London over Superhighway 2, we expressed grave concerns about the low level of protection for cyclists on the Bow roundabout.

We also expressed concerns about the failure to continue the Superhighway to the nearby Olympic site, where the victim worked.

Specifically, we warned that the Superhighway design "does not offer a satisfactory reduction in road danger at this key barrier".

We were particularly worried by the movement of lorries turning left from the roundabout on to the motorway-grade A12 road.

The local London Assembly member John Biggs has also raised concerns about the safety of pedestrians at this junction.

In May this year the Mayor told him: "TfL have been unable so far to find an immediate solution for providing controlled pedestrian crossings at Bow Roundabout that does not push the junction over capacity and introduce significant delays to traffic."

For many years we have been campaigning to reduce the danger from lethal lorries in Greater London.

In partnership with RoadPeace, Living Streets, CTC and victims' families we have successfully campaigned to improve the mirror systems on lorries.

However, much more needs to be done, and many of the tipper lorries running on our streets use very high cab designs, which are unfit for purpose in urban areas.

We have made our views on lorry design known to the Mayor and Transport for London.   

As yet we don't know all the details of this crash, yet we believe that all drivers and transport companies have a duty to do everything practical to reduce the risk their vehicles create for other road users.

We welcome the recent approval of cycle awareness training for lorry drivers including 'on-bike experience' and urge every transport operator to ensure that all their drivers choose this option as part of their Certificate of Professional Competence.

A friend of the victim this week wrote to Mayor Boris Johnson asking that "alternative routes are provided" at the locations where the fatal crash took place.