London Cycling Campaign board is now fifty percent female after successful trustee election

The London Cycling Campaign now has an equal number of male and female trustees, after four more women were elected to the board at our 2012 Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 14 November.

Former LCC vice-chair David Love was also among the five candidates elected.

The winning five candidates (as pictured above) are Suzanne Fogg, Claire Wren, Melanie Grech, Rachel Aldred and David Love (more about them).

LCC’s vice chair Ann Kenrick said:

"Last year I complained I was the only woman standing for the board of trustees, and our work has paid dividends as this year our board is now 50 percent women.

"It amply demonstrates that the image of London cyclists as Lycra-clad boy racers is completely inaccurate.

"Our new better-balanced board looks forward to driving on our campaigns to make London's streets safe and inviting for everyone."

Highest participation in our history

This year saw the most strongly contested board election in our history, and the highest-ever member participation, with 974 members voting.

The large turnout was due largely to the new option to vote electronically, as well as in person at the AGM.

Reacting to this surge in interest in LCC, the campaigns Marketing Manager Lucy Cooper said:

“We're delighted more and more women are getting involved in our campaigning, many of whom were at the forefront of our Love London, Go Dutch campaign.

"Surveys tell us that women especially are concerned that cycling isn’t safe enough in London.

"We need more women to get involved in campaigning for better conditions to help make cycling safer for all.”

As well as the election, the AGM at the Keyworth Centre near Elephant & Castle passed several important motions:

  • endorsement of our 2014 local election campaign
  • confirmation of new Memorandums & Articles that bring our governance into line with recent changes to company and charity law
  • a resolution to use the STV system of proportional voting for future trustee elections.

An emergency motion was also passed supporting a Day of Action on Friday 16 November to protest against road deaths in the capital.

Vigil at Elephant and Castle

The Day of Action is being organised jointly by ourselves, Living Streets and RoadPeace, and will include a vigil at 5pm outside the London College of Communications near one of London's most dangerous junctions, Elephant & Castle.

The AGM also included a rallying speech from chief executive Ashok Sinha, setting our LCC's aspirations for the 2014 local elections, while guest speaker Guardian and London Cyclist columnist Zoe Williams (pictured below) entertained the 150-strong crowd with an irreverent look at London cycling manners and tales of her own cycling misdemeanors.