London Cycling Campaign calls on supporters to email Mayor with demand to upgrade CS2 to continental standards

Responding to the fact that five Londoners have died cycling on our city streets in the last nine days, the London Cycling Campaign is calling on Mayor Boris Johnson to take immediate action to improve cycle safety.

We've created an email action to allow our supporters to email the Mayor with a single click:


Three of these deaths have occurred on the Mayor's Cycle Superhighway 2 between Aldgate and Bow, which LCC has said for years isn't safe enough.

We're calling on Mayor to act immediately to:

  • Install immediate protected space for cycling at Aldgate junction
  • Commit to installing cycling and pedestrian-specific traffic lights across Bow roundabout
  • Publish a timetable to upgrade the whole of Superhighway 2 to continental standards.

Plan for a safe Bow roundabout have been in existence for years (see image above), but have been rejected each time because they cause delay to motor traffic.

We're also calling on the Mayor to upgrade all Superhighways to continental standards, and work towards making every street in Greater London safe space for cycling.

LCC Chief Executive Ashok Sinha said, “We warned the Mayor about the potentially lethal flaws on Superhighway 2 over a year ago. The Mayor must now signal that he wants to eliminate such avoidable fatalities by transforming CS2 – including the junctions at Bow and Aldgate – into an example of the highest standards in cycle safety.

"We extend our deepest sympathy to the recently bereaved, and to everyone who has lost family or friends in collisions on London’s streets."