London Cycling Campaign CEO tells GLA that lack of political will is greatest barrier to cycling

Speaking City Hall on Thursday, London Cycling Campaign chief executive Ashok Sinha said the most important thing that London needs is to become safe and inviting for cyclists is an injection of political will from Mayor Boris Johnson.

Invited to speak before the London Assembly Transport Scrutiny Committee Sinha said: "We would like to see the Mayor make good the promise he made to the 42,000 people who supported Love London, Go Dutch, by giving clear direction to TfL - and whatever resources necessary - to put in place a concrete, timetabled, durable plan of action to make London's streets as safe and inviting for cycling as they are in Holland'
"We have to look at the balance of priority on our roads and we have to give far greater priority both in time and space to cyclists and indeed to pedestrians."

Sinha urged the Mayor to go beyond limited remedial action at certain hazardous junctions, when what's called for is a major rethink of the way we organise space on our roads, including having the courage to de-prioritise motor traffic in favour of walking and cycling.

"When we asked Londoners to name locations that are suitable for a Dutch-style cycling and walking makeover, they told us time and time again that they want to say goodbye to London's dangerous one-way systems.

"Places like Hammersmith, Archway, Kings Cross and Vauxhall come up time and time again as places where people literally fear for their life.

There is still time to map your preferred location for action. Ashok Sinha has promised the Committee to submit a report based on your feeback.

"LCC says cycling is the only long-term solution to London's congestion problem, which will only get worse if current motor-centric policies are continued as the city becomes more densely populated."

LCC is preparing a written submission to the Transport Scrutiny Committee for 20 August.