LCC reminds Mayor that badly designed streets and junctions are responsible for deterring millions of Londoners from cycling, not campaigners trying to improve conditions

The London Cycling Campaign has reminded Mayor Boris Johnson that it is poorly designed streets and unsafe junctions, many of them under his control, that put people off cycling.

Chief Executive Ashok Sinha said, "Countless surveys show that most Londoners are deterred from cycling in the capital because of fear of motor traffic.

"The Mayor's poor progress in making cycling safe at London's worst junctions – by providing protected space on main roads and traffic-calming on smaller streets – is the main reason why most Londoners won't cycle. In particular the Mayor’s Better Junctions Review has so far failed to deliver any substantial safety improvements on the ground.

"We're disappointed the Mayor is blaming cycling campaigners for putting people off cycling when it is the gross deficiencies in cycling safety on streets and junctions under his control, that does most to suppress cycling.

"The appalling quality of Cycle Superhighway 2, one of his flagship cycling projects, is highlighted by the fact that five people have died cycling there in two years."

Superhighway 2 still poses a significant risk to those who cycle there each day, particularly at Bow roundabout but also at Aldgate junction.

Streets like this are suppressing demand for cycling, shown by surveys that show 40% of Londoners would like to cycle more.

10,000 London Cycling Campaign supporters sent personal messages to the Mayor in November 2013 calling on him to take immediate action to improve safety on Superhighway 2 from Aldgate to Bow.