London Cycling Campaign shows Blackfriars can be made safe and attractive for cycling and walking

Today the London Cycling Campaign published a new design for the controversial Blackfriars junction that makes it significantly better for cycling and walking than Transport for London’s current plans.

See how traffic moves through the junctions, PLUS street-level images 

LCC’s radically different road layout features protected cycle lanes and safe turns with cyclist-specific traffic lights, as well as convenient crossings for pedestrians.

750m2 of easily accessible public space would also be opened up outside the Unilever building for recreation or other purposes.

The layout is based on a double-T junction design that was rejected by TfL (apparently on non-technical grounds) early in the planning stage of the £550 million Blackfriars project.

It’s estimated that LCC’s new cycling-safe design would add only 1% to the cost of the three-year Blackfriars development, but could save lives and prevent serious injuries.

Two cyclists have been killed on the bridge in recent years, and several serious crashes have been reported already this year.

Urban planner Richard Lewis, who led LCC’s design team, said, “Our layout is based on continental principles, which eliminate junction conflicts that put cyclists at risk.”

LCC chief executive Ashok Sinha said, “Our visionary design provides larger and better spaces for people on bikes and on foot, but also retains bus and vehicle lanes.

“We hope these graphics stimulate debate among cyclists, pedestrians and city planners, so together we can come up with a solution that’s fit for all Londoners.

“Our city deserves to be a global leader in sustainable transport and liveable public spaces, not an also-ran.”

LCC has organised a ‘flashride’ at Blackfriars on Wednesday 12 October, when over 1000 cyclists and pedestrians are expected to call on Mayor Boris Johnson to intervene to make Blackfriars safe.

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