London Cycling Campaign supports TfL bid to allow trials of cycle-friendly infrastructure

The London Cycling Campaign has written to new Minister for Transport Patrick McLoughlin in support of Transport for London’s bid to allow trials of cyclist-specific traffic lights on London’s streets.

Transport for London has written to the Department for Transport to request exemption from the restrictions on “non-standard signal equipment” that are currently in place.

As it stands, no trials of eye-level traffic lights for cyclists will be allowed until 2014, when DfT rules are due to be changed, but TfL hopes to bring that date forward significantly.

The less-than-ideal alternative would be testing the traffic lights off-carriageway.

In our response to the London Assembly’s Transport Committee Scrutiny into Cycling, submitted on the 10 August 2012, we pointed out the ineffectiveness of the DfT’s policy of blocking innovation in transport infrastructure:

“Transport for London and local authorities have complained about DfT restrictions that prevent the adoption of European best‐practice. Sustrans’ London director, a former TfL officer, highlighted to the London Assembly Transport Committee the long delays in adopting even minor changes such as the installation of Trixi mirrors.” (page 12)