Last few days to nominate yourself for trustee elections and to propose motions to AGM

Members have until 9am on Monday morning (10 September 2012) to nominate themselves for our trustee elections or to put forward motions to our AGM.

We're especially keen to hear from women who are regular cyclists and interested in one of the top jobs at the London Cycling Campaign.

Less than one quarter of our current trustees are women, and we'd love to increase female representation on our board to 50%.

It's true only 30-40% of cyclists in London are currently female, but we want that proportion to increase, and for our board to represent all Londoners fairly.

It's fantastic news that we've had 24 potential board nominees already (you have until 10 September), but so far only 4 of these are female.

No experience is required: just a willingness to give some time, have lots of ideas and a passion for helping to transform London into a truly cycle-friendly city.

Are you interested yourself or do you know someone else who might fit the bill? Either way, nominations must be received by 10 September 2012.

We're also still welcoming male nominations, of course, and the board will be elected by electronic vote of all our members.

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If you want to know more about being a trustee, you can contact current trustee Claire Wren ( to arrange a chat, or read more about our board of trustees.