LCC welcomes appointment of Andrew Gilligan as Mayor's new Cycling Commissioner

Daily Telegraph and Evening Standard journalist Andrew Gilligan has just been appointed to perhaps the most exciting job in London: the Mayor's Cycling Commissioner.

A daily cycle commuter and regular commenter on cycling in London, Gilligan will carry out his new role part-time, while also continuing to work as a journalist.

As Cycling Commissioner, Gilligan will be the Mayor's fixer, making sure that joined-up policies across Transport for London and the boroughs capitalise on the unprecedented enthusiasm there is for cycling in London.

It’s an exciting time for all of us in London cycling, of course: not only are more people choosing to travel by bicycle, but the Mayor responded to our Love London, Go Dutch campaign (the most popular cycling campaign ever seen in the UK) by promising to make London’s streets as safe and inviting for cycling as they are in Holland.

Gilligan is also a keen advocate of one of the key measures the Dutch use to make cycling convenient, safe and enjoyable: high-quality cycle lanes.

He also seems to understood that the main factor putting people off cycling is fear of collisions.

In these respects, Gilligan has much in common with the London Cycling Campaign.

Of course, it'll take persuasion from Gilligan to convince some of his peers of the wisdom in deprioritising motor traffic en route to providing all Londoners with world-class cycling facilities.

Garnering political will to boost cycling budgets, devote street space to high-quality cycling provision, remove rat-runs, and provide better education and training for cyclists and drivers won't be easy, but Gilligan deserves a fair wind.

He should be heartened by the frequent displays of cross-party support for game-changing policies to promote cycling in the capital.

So best of luck, Andrew... we, the world’s biggest urban cycling campaign, look forward to offering you our support.

Ashok Sinha
Chief Executive