London Cycling Campaign welcomes Automobile Association highlighting the importance of safe driving in making cycling safe

AA wing mirror sticker

The London Cycling Campaign has welcomed the Automobile Association’s Think Bike campaign, which highlights how important careful and responsible driving is in making cycling safer.

The AA will distribute a million stickers for motorists to apply to their wing mirrors to remind them pay greater attention to other people on the road, particularly those on bicycles and motorbikes.

LCC Chief Executive Ashok Sinha said, “The most important thing that can be done to improve cycling safety in the UK is to design streets that minimise the risk of collision between motor vehicles and cyclists and pedestrians, as they have in countries like the Netherlands. 

“That won’t happen overnight and safe infrastructure works best with safe driving, which is why initiatives to promote responsible driving like Think Bike from the AA are important in helping to reduce death and serious injury to cyclists.”

Data from the Metropolitan Police shows that, where blame is attributed, drivers are found to be at fault in two-thirds of cyclist-motorist collisions, with fault attributed to cyclists in only 20% of crashes.

LCC’s Space for Cycling campaign, launching in April, aims to persuade every council in Greater London to adopt measures to make our streets safer and inviting for everyone to cycle.