London Cyclist magazine seeks talented illustrator

photo London Cyclist magazine is looking for an illustrator to add a new dimension to the publication

LCC is looking for a talented illustrator to contribute to London Cyclist magazine, the charity's bimonthly, A4, full-colour magazine sent out to 12,000 subscribers.

The magazine covers cycling news, politics, travel, maintenance, events, products and much more.

Ideally, LCC will find a creative and experienced illustrator who can turn their hand to a variety of different styles.

Typical requirements include hand-drawn maps or simple graphic logos, plus creating standalone sketches to run with columns and campaign features.

The right person will need to be able to both follow a tight brief when required, as well as having their own ideas when given free reign.

This is a great chance for an illustrator to get maximum exposure and to help London Cycling Campaign provide a great magazine for its thousands of members.

London Cyclist articles and photos are provided by unpaid contributors and, similarly, LCC doesn't have an illustration budget at present.

If you're still interested, please contact LCC using the form below.