London cyclists brave snowy conditions

London cyclists brave the snow

Snow couldn't deter many cyclists from making essential journeys in London this week.

Indeed, much of the capital was car-free on Monday with no buses on the roads, and only a few motorists, many driving at low speeds.

With no buses, and many overland and underground services suspended, going by bicycle or foot was the only option for many.

Transport for London advised that all main roads had been gritted, and is providing further information on public transport via the link below.

Use common sense in the snow
If you are cycling in the snow, ride slowly and use the central, gritted portion of the road where possible. Knobbly tyres are more effective than slicks.

Avoid using your front brake, which may cause you to slip, and take particular care when negotiating snowy side roads, which may be impassable by bicycle due to drifted snow and people building snowmen.

London cyclists brave the snow