Shoreditch Cyclists sharing space with everyone

Cyclists, pedestrians, cars, taxis, vans and lorries are all beginning to mix in the new shared space junction at Leonard Circus Shoreditch.

The arguments have already begun about describing this as the first real example of shared space in London or merely the best so far.

Council members have claimed inspiration from the Danish city space guru Jan Gehl for transforming a tricky junction in Shoreditch to space shared by all road users. Can this be described as a 'Go Dutch' scheme? In Shoreditch's 17th Century street layout it is more reminiscent of central Utrecht than out of town Assen.

We previewed the plans in  February 2013 and now they have been delivered.

The previous road scheme was seen as a dismal failure with the 'Disco Biscuit' sculpture, double steps to trip up pedestrians and totally confused cycle and road routes.

Now it seems to be working for all, especially on the school run.

The junction has been out of action for six months so it may be a few weeks before we can make a full assessment of how the traffic works. With new many new office buildings and more to come pedestrians seem to be the biggest winners.

The contractors are still completing all the features, there will be banks of seating and seats around the trees with an option for a coffee stall in one corner.

Even the biggest lorries are tamed to move slowly through the trees.

 While everyone else goes about their daily business.