London cyclists take to streets to stop lorry deaths

The London Cycling Campaign is holding a Day of Action on London's streets on Wednesday 30 March 2011 to highlight the problem of lorry-related cyclist fatalities, and to collect signatures for its No More Lethal Lorries petition.

LCC volunteers will gather at nine locations during morning and evening rush hours with megaphones, placards and petition forms to highlight the problem of preventable lorry-related deaths.

Supporters of the scheme - including London Assembly Members and council officers - will be at the north end of Southwark Bridge during the morning rush hour (8-9am).

LCC's petition calls for on-bike cyclist-awareness training for all London council lorry drivers to help improve safety for cyclists. Lorries make up only 5% of London traffic, but are involved in over half of the cyclist fatalities.

Campaigns officer Charlie Lloyd said, "Too many cyclists have died or been terribly injured already in 2011, and all councils are being asked to take steps to prevent further casualties.

"Councils must take the lead in providing cyclist-awareness training for all their HGV drivers, and we hope that one day such training will be mandatory for all London lorry drivers."

LCC's campaign has already resulted in five London boroughs giving cycle training to their lorry drivers, and LCC is expecting to gather thousands more signatures to convince other local councils to follow suit.

Petition text

"We ask that all London councils introduce cyclist-awareness training for all their lorry drivers and for all their subcontractors to enhance the safety of cyclists." Sign here

Note for editors

  1. LCC staff and volunteers will be located at busy cycle routes ( all over central London, from 7.30-10am and 4-7pm.
  2. The pioneer of Lambeth's cyclist-awareness driver training, council officer Richard Ambler, will be at Queen St (north end of Southwark Bridge between) 8.30-9am.
  3. LAM Jenny Jones, a supporter of driver training, will also be at Queen St (north end of Southwark Bridge) from 8.30-9am.
  4. Five London boroughs now offer on-bike cycle training for HGV drivers: Lambeth, Hammersmith & Fulham, Southwark, Hackney and Camden.
  5. Cycle training for lorry drivers is one of LCC's five demands to improve cyclist safety around lorries. Read all five points at