London local authorities and TfL bill

LCC has successfully opposed new laws to give local councils wider powers to remove parked bikes from lamp-posts and railings.

Councils hoped to win the new powers in the London Local Authorities and Transport for London Bill. They proposed legislation allowing them to break locks and remove bikes they considered a nuisance.

LCC submitted a petition to parliament, opposing to sections of the bill relating to the removal of bikes. London Mayor Ken Livingstone also opposed this measure.

LCC, in this case together with the Government, also petitioned against the use of local authority contractors to police footway cycling. LCC argued that the  olice and police community service officers were best qualified to carry out these duties..

The sections of the bill to which LCC objected were dropped, along with proposed new laws on pedicabs.

A committee of MPs which examined the bill agreed with LCC’s concerns and said the government was “frequently unable” to clarify the “intentions” of the bill.