London roadwork contractors still failing to consider cyclists needs

Roadworks block SuperHighway

photo Matthew Thomson Roadworks in Southwark Bridge Rd ignoring Department for Transport guidance

Roadworks all over London are blocking roads and cycle routes unnecessarily, contravening  Department for Transport Guidance on safety of cyclists.

The guidance says:

  1. Contractors should evaluate the cycle flows and potential risks, and wherever possible they should allow space on the carriageway for cycles and other vehicles.
  2. If that's not possible, contractors should sign a suitable diversion route.
  3. Only as a last resort should cyclists be directed to share a footway with pedestrians, and only then is it appropriate to use the Cyclists Dismount signs.

LCC has found numerous examples of DfT guidance being flouted:

  1. Southwark Bridge Rd Cycle Superhighway 7 blocked by roadworks, and inappropriate 'Cyclist Dismount' signs erected, even though there was ample space for cyclists to use the carriageway.

  2. Vallance Rd, Whitechapel Gas repairs have totally blocked the road. When LCC asked why there wasn't a space left for cyclists (which is perfectly feasible), the contractor failed to answer, asking LCC: "Why do cyclists always ignore the signs they put up?"

  3. Bermondsey St, SE1 Two 'Cyclist Dismount' signs within a hundred metres tell cyclists to stop cycling, even though there's a clear route along the carriageway.

  4. Broadway Market, Hackney  One of the busiest cycle routes in the UK, contractors tried to open a cycle lane over the canal, but motorcyclists kept running over the pavement causing havoc.

LCC campaigns officer Charlie Lloyd said, "We can educate contractors to think about cyclists before they block routes.

"And we need to talk to the councils, for whom many contractors are working, and the contractors themselves.

"A 'Cyclists Dismount' sign doesn't excuse contractors from failing to follow the safety guidance in a way that puts cyclists or pedestrians at risk."

How to make a complaint:

  • If you can, take photos of the roadworks with your phone.
  • Email photos and details of the problem to us so LCC and our local groups can monitor the situation.
  • Complain to the contractor using the phone number posted on the roadworks. If there isn't one, find the foreman of the site and get a contact number for the contractor from him. Details of roadworks can be found here.
  • Complain to the person in your council with responsibility for highways (find them on their website) or your local councillor via the Write To Them website.