Londoner chases around-the-world cycling record

Julian Sayarer, a 23-year-old London cycle courier and former LCC volunteer, is attempting to beat the current round-the-world cycling record.

Sayarer's attempt began at the cathedrale de Rouen, in northern France at 11am, on Wednesday 10 June 2009.

The record for the fastest 18,000-mile circumnavigation of the globe by bicycle stands at 194 days 17 hours, set by Mark Beaumont on 2008.

Cyclists attempt record at the same time
However, another cyclist, James Bowthorpe, is currently attempting to beat this record, having left London on 29 March.

Bowthorpe suffered a serious setback approximately a third of a way into his journey, catching a debilitating stomach bug in India, but is still hopeful of beating Beaumont's record by a substantial margin.

Sayarer said about his own attempt: "I'm doing this for the simple love of cycling: there's no feel-good charity to support; no corporate sponsor to finance me; no national media outlet for publicity; no Ewan McGregor-style support team in a 4x4 – just one man and his bike."

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"I must thank the small number of bike shops and manufacturers who are supporting me with specialist parts and accessories (please visit my website to see who they are), and my friends and organisations like LCC for giving me so much encouragement."

"I hope I'm successful, but even if I'm not, maybe I'll inspire others to leave their cars at home a bit more often, and just ride their bikes for the hell of it."