Londoners want people-friendly streets: have your say at Blackfriars

"Londoners want people-friendly streets" is the message we're hearing from the capital's cyclists and pedestrians as we prepare for the third Blackfriars Flashride exactly a week away.

Every person who comes will add weight to that message, so please join us on the day and let your voice is heard.

We urge you to bring friends and family too, and children and pedestrians are especially welcome. 

Another fatality on London's streets

Tragically, only a couple days ago, hundreds of morning commuters witnessed the horrifying sight of a 24-year-old female cyclist crushed to death by an HGV.

This needless loss of life took place in the dreadful maze of one-way and multi-lane streets around Kings Cross.

Only a month or so ago, we filmed a video in that exact location, calling for the removal of the antiquated road systems that put the lives of cyclists and pedestrians in daily danger.

The battle for a better Blackfriars is symbolic of the growing dissatisfaction among Londoners who've put up with motor-centric street design for too long.

Now's the time to take a stand

Nearly 400 of you have already signed up to say you're coming (tell us now), and on Wednesday we're expecting to lead the largest protest of cyclists and pedestrians in years.

With your help, this Flashride can be a crucial step towards making politicians listen to the clamour from Londoners for a people-friendly city.

See you on Wednesday...