London’s new roadworks permits can address cyclist needs

Video Confusing roadworks were implicated in the death of a cyclist in Oxford Street earlier this year


Cyclists are expected to benefit from the new London Permit Scheme for roadworks, which has so far been rolled out across 19 London boroughs.
LCC has been providing input to London Councils, which is examining implementation of the scheme. We’re suggesting that all road works take account of cyclists and other vulnerable road users.

Campaigns manager Tom Bogdanowicz said, “LCC is asking that where roadworks create narrow lanes, there must be signs telling drivers not to overtake cyclists, and we’ve said all roadworks should be reinstated to their original condition and meet required standards.”

A total of 19 boroughs have so far signed up to the scheme, under which utility companies and highway authorities have to meet certain conditions in terms of duration and safety. A further seven boroughs are expect to sign up this year.

Ian Hawthorn, chair of the Permit Stakeholder Group, said: "Cyclists are important to us and we need to make sure we factor them in when planning and setting up works."

Cyclists’ views are being sought on whether roadworks have so far, and anyone can use the form below to contact London Councils about roadworks in their area. Please include the Permit Number (this is displayed at the site of all roadworks), location, and brief comments.