London's Transport Commissioner to head up Network Rail

Sir Peter Hendy, London’s Transport Commissioner,(third from left)  is moving to head up Network Rail as its chair. LCC thanks Sir Peter for his support for cycling and for his determination to reduce the danger from HGVs in particular.

We urge his successor as head of London Transport to sustain the declared commitment Sir Peter  made: “to commit TfL to funding and delivering them (new cycle routes and infrastructure) as one of its highest priorities.”

As Sir Peter stated in the introduction to the Mayor’s Vision for Cycling “this is about so much more than routes for cyclists. It is about the huge health and economic benefits that cycling can bring. It is about improving London’s streets and places for everyone, including those with no intention of getting on a bike. And it is about helping the whole transport system meet the enormous demands that will be placed on it.”

Sir Peter was personally committed to reducing road danger from lorries in London and under his direction Transport for London will introduce a new ban on lorries that do not meet safety standards as of September 2015. Lorries without full safety equipment and without drivers who have completed Safer Urban Driving courses are already excluded from TfL contracts. Following research on construction lorries and collisions with cyclists by the Transport Research Laboratory Sir Peter promoted the creation of the industry led Construction Logistics and Cyclists Safety initiative which developed a CLOCS standard to which more than a hundred firms are now subscribed.