Look out – exploding bikes

If you park near a "sensitive" public building, you may return to find your bike has been removed and taken to the local nick.

Current police thinking on "exploding bikes" was apparently drawn up with the IRA in mind and now Jenny Jones, Green Party member of the London Assembly, has asked the Mayor how he intends to resolve this bone of contention.

She asked "Does it seem odd to you that ill informed police advice on the risk of exploding bikes is leading to restrictions on cycle parking at, or near, some public buildings, whilst it is possible to park a car at or near these same buildings? Will you arrange for a meeting between the Cycling Centre of Excellence, the London Cycling Campaign and representatives from the team of Counter Terrorism Security Advisors, to review the advice given by these officers on exploding bikes?"

To which Ken Livingstone replied "TfL's Cycling Centre of Excellence is working closely with Central St Martins Design Against Crime Unit DAC who have been commissioned by the Home office/Met to analyse this issue and make recommendations to meet cycling/transport and public safety objectives. TfL would be pleased to facilitate a meeting with the relevant stakeholders to discuss the matter and communicate the outcomes of this research."

So, a glimmer of hope that common sense may yet prevail.

Meanwhile one LCC wag has decorated his bike in this provocative manner which will no doubt guarantee his immediate detention under anti-terrorism laws...

Guaranteed 100% Semtex free!