Lorry-cycling safety measures welcomed but more needs to be done

Transport for London's three measures to combat lorry danger have been welcomed, but are not enough to tackle the problem, according to LCC's campaigns officer Charlie Lloyd:

The TfL measures are:

  1. A voluntary agreement with the Freight Transport Association (FTA) to look at organising delivery times away from peak cyclist flows.

    "We welcome the agreement with the FTA, especially as it emphasises the need for better training for cyclists and lorry drivers. 

    "Reducing the number of deliveries made on Cycle Superhighways at busy times will help but does little to address rogue operators, whose lorries are the greatest danger."

  2. A trial of Trixi mirrors at designated junctions to see if they improve driver awareness of cyclists.

    "Trixi mirrors, which are only being tried out at the most hazardous junctions, might help by showing more of the road to the driver.

    "However, with or without such a mirror the responsibilty for not hitting cyclists and pedestrians remains with the lorry driver."

  3. A poster campaign that highlights the risk to cyclists of HGV drivers'  'blind spot'.

    "TfL education efforts should also be aimed at lorry drivers. With hundreds of thousands of new cyclists on London streets we depend on drivers to ensure the safety of us all. 

    "Blaming a 'blind spot' should not be an excuse for not taking exta care."