Loughborough Junction: last chance to support Space for Cycling!

Lambeth Cyclists are urging people, especially local Lambeth residents to show their support for the Space for Cycling' Scheme  that has been installed at Loughborough Junction. If you live locally or ride through the area regularly, please take part in the consultation, it only takes a minute.

If it stays in place, this could be a big campaign success for local campaigners, who have been calling for such a scheme as part of LCC's Space for Cycling campaign in this area.

Can you respond to the council survey and let them know what you think, by Friday, 6th November?

The scheme; which is a huge positive step to make the area more people-friendly, is at risk of being withdrawn following pressure from some local residents and people who want to continue to drive through the area.

What does the scheme involve?

The council has installed carefully placed  road closures, meaning  local people can drive into and out of the area and  emergency vehicles and deliveries still have access , but people cannot drive (or rat run) through the area. This helps to reduce unnecessary traffic on residential roads, improves air quality and means streets are made much safer for walking and cycling.

The scheme is supported by local residents and people who cycle through the area. Clare Neely who lives in the neighbourhood says "I am passionate about the scheme because for years local residents have been telling the council that we want to live in a neighbourhood where people feel safe to walk and cycle. "

Lambeth Cyclists think the scheme should stay in place as it is already showing benefits, just 2 months in people are telling us about children who were driven to school, but now walk and cycle as it’s easier and safer to do so because of the road closures. We want to see more people walking and cycling, rather than driving for short local journeys.

There are some adjustments to be made, but this is no reason to abandon the scheme. 

Read Lambeth Cyclists' full response for more information on the scheme.


Please fill in the survey before Friday, November 6th to show the council that local people do support the trial road closures at Loughborough Junction.