Make your voice heard against Transport for London's 'Nightmare' Operating Strategy

We've today responded to Transport for London's draft Network Operating Strategy consultation (download our response).

We've highlighted many of its flaws here.

If you want to respond too, you might want to use the letter below as a template and send it to

Dear Transport for London

I write to express my deep concern about TfL’s draft Network Operating Strategy.

The NOS prioritises the speedy passage of motor vehicles above all other considerations, which I consider disastrous for the future development of a more liveable city and in reducing the risk of death or injury.

This Strategy will effectively reduce people's choice when they make journeys.

It makes London look seriously out of date compared with progressive cities such as New York and Paris, which are making strenuous efforts to increase their citizens’ opportunities to use sustainable modes of travel such as cycling and walking.

I am particularly concerned that the strategy:

  1. Prioritises motor traffic over cyclists
  2. Takes little account of the benefits of a switch to cycling and walking by way of improving air quality and reducing carbon emissions
  3. Pays little attention to the need to further reduce danger to pedestrians and cyclists – the most vulnerable users of London’s roads

I ask that TfL thinks again to correct these serious flaws in the strategy.

Yours faithfully