Manifesto provides wish-list for national and local elections

photo Transport Minister Lord Adonis (Lab), and two of his shadows, Norman Baker MP (Lib Dem), and Stephen Hammond MP (Con) at a recent conference

In spring 2010, there will be a national (date tbc) and London local council elections (6 May), so make sure your candidates are thinking about cycling.

Under the new mayoral funding rules, local councils have more freedom to fund, or not to fund, cycling projects.

You, and your local LCC group, can make sure that candidates for councillors are aware that one in three voters would like to cycle and that many others are cycling already.

We're asking you to find out who your local candidates are (perhaps working with your local LCC group) and ask what they propose to make it easier for adults and children to cycle in the

And ask them if they support LCC’s Local Cycling Manifesto (follow the link below).

The April-May 2010 issue of London Cyclist magazine features an interview with Lord Adonis, as well as cycling perspectives on the four major parties.