Mass-participation Cycle Marathon coming to London by 2013

photo The Cape Town Argus could be the model for a mass-participation Cycle Marathon coming to London

A 'London Marathon on Wheels' could be organised in the capital by 2013, according to the Evening Standard.

The paper says it has seen proposals for four possible routes and that the potential £3m cost would be covered by entry fees and sponsorship.

Based on the popular Cape Town Argus in South Africa, the ride would include 30,000 amateurs as well as well-known professional cyclists.

The event is similar to one proposed by LCC Board member and Argus participant David Love in 2004, which was for a marathon-type cycle ride on closed streets across London.

That proposal was considered by Transport for London under then-mayor Ken Livingstone, but was transformed into the less costly London Freewheel event, now the Skyride, which last year attracted 80,000 participants.

The proposed Cycle Marathon could initially use the 2012 Olympic road race route before switching to one that includes more streets in London itself.

The race would be organised by the UCI, the international cycling federation, as a London leg of its World Tour.