Massive gulf opens between two leading mayoral candidates as Livingstone supports Dutch cycling streets

Leading mayoral challenger Ken Livingstone has opened a massive gulf between his and Boris Johnson's cycling promises by committing to make London's streets safer for cycling with Dutch-quality facilities.

The Labour candidate joins Liberal Democrat Brian Paddick and Green Jenny Jones in accepting all three of the London Cycling Campaign's stringent 'Go Dutch' campaign demands to make streets as safe and inviting for cycling as they are in Holland.

Boris Johnson sits with independent Siobhan Benita and the UKIP and BNP candidates in not supporting the three Go Dutch demands, which were published in February 2012.

LCC chief executive Ashok Sinha said, "We're delighted one of the leading mayoral challengers has earned an 'A-grade' for his commitment to Dutch-standard cycling provision, but we're disappointed Boris Johnson is still at the bottom of the class because his promises to cyclists remain so weak.

"We know he supports cycling, and call on him to match those candidates committing to a Dutch-style cycling revolution."

Livingstone said, "I'm fully committed to meeting the Love London, Go Dutch three tests over the next mayoralty, and I look forward to working with the London Cycling Campaign and its members to deliver this if Londoners choose to elect me as their Mayor on 3 May."

Paddick said, "The London Liberal Democrats and I are fully committed to meeting the LCC’s Love London, Go Dutch campaign three tests."

Nearly 40,000 have signed LCC's Love London, Go Dutch petition, calling for streets that are as safe and inviting as those in Hollands, a figure equivalent to 2% of the two million Londoners who voted in the 2008 mayoral election.

Recent opinion polls show Livingstone within 2% of Johnson in the race to be London's next mayor.

LCC has undertaken a policy-by-policy analysis of all the mayoral candidates' promises for cycling.

Livingstone, Paddick and Jones have now accepted the following three Love London Go Dutch demands:

  1. Implement three flagship Love London, Go Dutch developments on major streets and/or locations.
  2. Make sure all planned developments on the main roads that they controls are complete to Go Dutch standards, especially junctions.
  3. Make sure the Cycle Superhighways programme is completed to Love London, Go Dutch standards.

Find out more about our Love London, Go Dutch campaign.