Matthew Parris apologises for death-to-cyclists comment

Times columnist Matthew Parris has apologised for his attack on cyclists in his column published on 27th December 2007 (‘What’s smug and deserves to be decapitated’), which suggested cyclists should be decapitated because of their alleged littering (Parris found Lucozade and other discarded bottles in roadside hedges). The former Conservative MP Mr Parris said: "I offended many with my attack on cyclists. It was meant humorously but so many cyclists have taken it seriously that I plainly misjudged. I am sorry."

LCC wrote a critical letter to The Times following the article’s publication. More than 250 readers, including many LCC members, complained to the Press Complaints Commission. Parris’ proposal of aggression towards cycle users is not new – TV presenter, Jeremy Clarkson, writing in the Sun said he would “crush” cyclists who delayed him, under his wheels.

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