Maya, Georgia, Ruth and Amber: Sutton girl cyclists

I love riding my bike

Maya Beckford-Faal, age 8  I love cycling because I have fun. I go to Sutton Cycling Club every Saturday and I learn how to ride my bike properly. Sometimes we go on rides, sometimes we play games on our bikes and it's really good. I think it's as good as school games, and I get fit and healthy.

When my friends ask me what I'm doing at the weekend, I always tell them I'm going cycling and I try and get them to come along. Quite a few of them now come along too and we like our bikes. I like that because I get to see them at school and on days off.

Georgia Degg, age 10  My dad cycles and we live quite near Ashtead Common. When I was old enough, I started going riding over there with him and I really enjoyed it. Then I found out about Sutton Cycling Club and I joined. Now I come here on Saturdays and ride my bike.

Today we went on a really long ride through the park and the woods, which was nice because it was sunny. We also went along the roads a bit, but it was safe because the coaches come with us and look after us. They teach us things like how to use our gears properly, how to pedal so it's easier, and also how to watch out for cars and ride safely on the road. When we stay at the field, we do other things like games to help us with our balance. I really like it and I love riding my bike.

Ruth Davison, age 12  I love riding my bike. I really started riding on holiday. We went to France once and we took our bikes and we rode twenty four miles in one day. It was great, and when we came back, I wanted to ride more. Then I found out there was a cycling club in Sutton, so I joined and I ride there most Saturdays.

I live in Wallington, so it's easy to get to, and riding my bike is a good way to get about. I go to school in Croydon, and sometimes I cycle there and back. It's about four miles, and it keeps me fit and healthy. I will keep riding as I grow up because I love it.

Amber Riddle, age 10  I like cycling firstly because it's fun and I see my cycling friends when I'm riding, but also because it keeps me fit. It makes me feel energetic and I like using my bike to get places. Sometimes I cycle to school.

I have passed my cycling proficiency so I am quite good riding on the roads, but you do have to practice because it's important to know what to do when there are cars about. I would definitely recommend riding bikes even if you are a girl because girls are just as good at it as boys.