Mayor announces £770m doubling of cycling budget

London Cycling Campaign applauds news that the Mayor will invest £770 million over the next five years on cycling to 2021/22. According to TfL, that is almost double the average spend of the previous mayoralty, during which period the East-West and North-South Cycle Superhighways were created, and three mini-Holland boroughs were funded. The £154 million per year budget will average to nearly £18 per head, per annum, across London – which approaches Dutch spending on cycling.

“Boosting investment in cycling is great news that will make London a better, greener, healthier city for all. The new money will help ensure the Mayor fulfils the promises he made to LCC to triple the mileage of London’s protected cycle lanes, fix the most dangerous junctions and fund a people-friendly ‘mini-Holland’ style development in every borough.” Ashok Sinha, CEO, London Cycling Campaign

The DfT has already shown how spending money on cycling offers better return on investment than any other type of transport spending in terms of tackling inactivity, pollution and other threats to public health, ensuring people can get about easily and avoiding the worst impacts of climate change. And with London’s population set to grow to above 10 million in just over a decade, prioritising cycling and walking in the way the Mayor is with this budget will ensure the growing city can keep moving.

Alongside the ‘Sign for Cycling’ pledges listed above, the Mayor has already taken action to make good his promise to LCC to removing the most dangerous lorries from our roads, and is shortly to announce his appointee to the post of London’s Cycling & Walking Commissioner.

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Cycle friendly schemes under threat

Opposition is coming from taxi drivers, anti-cycling councils, and groups of organised and well-resourced NIMBY residents. We urgently need to increase campaigning capacity to fight off these very real threats.

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