Mayor backs 20 mph limits on central London roads

As part of a programme to reduce road danger from vehicles London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan is backing 20 mph speed limits on red routes in central London as a priority, with plans to widen the programme across the rest of the capital.

The commitment, which includes making 20 mph part of all new traffic schemes on red routes, is contained in the final version of Mayor’s Transport Strategy(MTS) which has been approved by the London Assembly. It is an action that supports the Mayor’s “Vision Zero” target of no fatalities or serious injuries on London roads by 2041.

LCC has campaigned for more than a decade to reduce road danger by making 20 mph the default speed limit where people live, shop and work. We therefore strongly welcome Transport for London’s plans to implement 20 mph limits in all new schemes on its own (red route) roads and make them a priority in central London as a first step to widening the programme.

The full text in the Mayor’s Transport Strategy is as follows:

“Introducing lower speed limits and improving compliance with speed limits through design, enforcement, technology, information and appropriate training. Twenty miles per hour limits will continue to be implemented on London’s streets, with 20mph considered as part of all new schemes on the Transport for London Road Network. TfL will look to implement 20mph limits on its streets in central London as a priority, with implementation being widened across inner and outer London as soon as is practicably possible. TfL will work with the boroughs to implement lower speed limits on their streets, prioritising designs that are self-enforcing and that do not place an additional burden on policing partners. TfL will provide data analysis, training and technical guidance to support this.”

 Junctions and lorries

 The MTS also addresses two other campaigning issues that were raised by LCC ahead of the Mayoral election in 2016: dangerous junctions and dangerous lorries. 

In both cases the Mayor undertakes to improve safety: reviewing all junctions and ensuring that lorries adhere to the highest safety standards such good direct vision which eliminates blind spots (as already standard on most refuse lorries). The statements from the MTS say:

 Mayor’s Transport Strategy on Junctions

 “Conducting a systematic review of all road junctions, introducing road danger reduction measures at locations that pose significant risk to vulnerable road users.”

 Mayor’s Transport Strategy on Lorries and buses

 “Working to ensure that vehicles driven on London’s streets adhere to the highest safety standards, starting with a new Direct Vision Standard for HGVs and including the introduction of new vehicle technologies such as Intelligent Speed Assistance and Automatic Emergency Braking. TfL will develop a new Bus Safety Standard which will be introduced across the city’s entire bus fleet featuring design and technological measures to protect passengers and other road users”