Mayor hints at 'one in five' target for cycling as Cycle Hire arrives

photo The mayor is calling for a massive increase in cycling, with a potential new target of 20% of journeys


Launching London's Cycle Hire scheme, the Mayor of London Boris Johnson has called for a massive increase in cycling, hinting at a new official target of 20%.

Johnson said, "In 1904, 20% of journeys were made by bicycle in London. I want to see a figure like that again."

"One of our ambitions is to make sure that in 2012 when the world comes to London, they will be able to use London Hire bikes to go to the Olympic venues.” 

Johnson said he wanted to overtake the Paris Velib scheme, and that a London Hire bike was a Rolls Royce compared to the Parisian "deux chevaux" [Citroen 2CV].

LCC communications officer Mike Cavenett said, "LCC has been pushing for 'one in five by 2025' for years now, and we look forward to this ambition becoming a concrete target, and the days when London cycling matches the levels in Amsterdam."

40,000 new cycle journeys per day in London
The Cycle Hire Scheme is expected to generate 40,000 cycle journeys per day in London. In the first month of the scheme you have to register to to use it.

At the beginning of September, the scheme is expected to open to anyone without pre-registration.

  • LCC is offering free advice on cycling to cycle hire users at  
  • Order free London cycling maps (developed by LCC with TfL) here
  • Download booklets on urban cycling tips (Cycle Sense), and cycling to work here.
  • Find out about cycle training schemes here.

You can find full details of the scheme here.

One tip from LCCers who have ridden the bikes is to pull hard to take the bike out and when you dock the bike make sure you see the green light go on.