Mayor ignores calls for immediate action at Bow roundabout with no action on promised safety review

Three weeks after promising a review of cyclist safety at Bow roundabout Mayor Boris Johnson still hasn't set a timetable for it to report, despite families and campaigners calling for urgent action. 

BBC London Transport Editor Tom Edwards tweeted today:

"Tfl say no date yet for when it will publish the safety review of cycling superhighways at Bow roundabout where 2 cyclists have died."

The news comes on the day that Conservative assembly members walked out of a key debate on cyclist safety, prompted by the two recent fatalities at Bow roundabout.

London Assembly member John Biggs says the Mayor’s officials made a commitment to him to deliver the report on Bow over a week ago.

In addition to the Bow roundabout review, the Mayor has formally asked Transport for London to review junctions on the Cycle Superhighways, and at all planned major traffic schemes.

The London Cycling Campaign and family members of Brian Dorling, the cyclist killed at Bow roundabout on 24 October 2011, have called for immediate action.

LCC's Mike Cavenett said, "The Mayor has failed to get a grip of this situation, and cyclist lives are still at risk.

"We're urging all Londoners to email the mayor, calling on him to make Bow safe."