Mayor moves forward on CS11

Following the announcement of the new Mayor of London approving the extension to the North-South Cycle Superhighway, the Mayor has today announced his intention to move forward with CS11 also.

TfL has published its report on the consultation for CS11. More than 6,000 responses were sent in; 53% supported and 7% partially supported the proposals, while 37% did not support the proposals.

The scheme’s proposals included the removal of the Swiss Cottage gyratory, gate closures in The Regent’s Park’s Outer Circle for most of the day and the potential for segregated tracks on Portland Place.

The vast majority of negative responses came from local residents who expressed concerns over displaced traffic. Raised junctions and speed humps on the Outer Circle were viewed negatively by many people cycling (particularly Regent’s Park Cyclists group of largely sports cyclists). And the option for fully segregated tracks on Portland Place was far preferred to advisory lanes.

The Mayor has now announced TfL will progress plans. However he has asked TfL to engage with stakeholders further before the final scheme is developed.

“Cycle Superhighway 11 will play an important role improving the quality of our toxic air, improving Londoners’ health, and make thousands more people feel comfortable cycling,” said the Mayor. “I am determined to learn the lessons from previous cycle superhighway schemes and I’ve asked TfL to continue to work closely with the local councils and stakeholders to ensure we minimise any disruption to motorists and other road users, both during the construction of the scheme and after it’s completed. This includes ensuring changes around Swiss Cottage gyratory benefit car-users who use that busy junction every day. Improving junctions along the busy route will also make the area substantially safer for pedestrians, and we want to continue to work closely with residents as the scheme moves forward.”

We believe how exactly the Mayor and TfL propose to move forward with CS11 and the North-South Cycle Superhighway extension will prove a key marker and test for the Mayor and his team. On CS11 it’s vital the Mayor doesn’t just address well-organised and highly resourced local resident fears over displaced traffic which are, given best evidence, unlikely to prove true once the schemes are bedded in.

As with the North-South extension we think it’s important the Mayor and TfL listens to concerns raised regarding the scheme’s quality for people cycling too. For CS11, we want the Mayor to: ensure tracks are wide, hook risks are removed and complex manoeuvres are simplified at junctions; Avenue Road should be quietened if necessary; 24/7 gate closures; improvements on Park Crescent are needed etc. For the North-South extension we want the Mayor to: continue cycle track(s) north to at least Clerkenwell Road rather than using side streets; remove hook risks and improve safety at key junctions; that the quieter streets proposed are truly quiet (and therefore the Judd Street modal filter is a vital part of the scheme).