Mayor says Westminster’s Oxford Street plans will leave street “one of the most dangerous in London”

City Hall have responded to Westminster Councils new plans for the Oxford Street district, and we are pleased to see that the Mayor’s response echoes our own assessment of the proposals.

The Mayor says that they lack ambition, and by failing to significantly reduce or remove traffic from the area, will leave pedestrians at risk from both road danger and terrorist attack. We say the plans will not drastically reduce air pollution on one of the most polluted streets in London, nor will they reduce road danger, or make things safer and more comfortable for people walking or cycling.

You still have until Sunday to respond to the consultation here.

The Mayor has also firmly set out that these weak and timid proposals for Oxford Street will not receive any of the £80 million that was due to be spent on the area, as “contributing additional TfL funding to an unambitious scheme is not a good use of taxpayers’ money”.

The Mayor rounds off his letter with a call on Westminster Council to re-think their strategy, and turn Oxford Street into a place for people, not traffic – something we’d very much like to see as well.

The consultation on these weak plans closes on Sunday – you can respond here.

Read the Mayor’s full letter here.