Mayoral candidates respond to LCC's cycling manifesto: Christian People's Alliance and Christian Party

Following on from our mayoral elections piece in the current issue of our members’ magazine London Cyclist, which features responses to LCC’s cycling manifesto from Ken Livingstone, Boris Johnson, Sian Berry and Brian Paddick, LCC has invited all mayoral candidates to send us their responses to our 10 point plan to transform cycling in London.

The London Cyclist article can be downloaded using the link on the right.

We’ll publish candidates’ responses as we receive them – keep checking back for updates.

The Christian People's Alliance and Christian Party

"The Christian Peoples Alliance and Christian Party supports the LCC's proposals to give cycling a dramatic boost in the Capital.  We believe in the importance of improving transport infrastructure and making it easier to cycle and walk.
We will remove the significant barriers which still exist to enabling Londoners to use their bikes to enjoy their city, cycling to work or just for leisure.  The Christian Peoples Alliance will commit funding to complete the London Cycle Network Plus (LCN+), 20mph speed restrictions on residential roads except major through routes, improved signage of the cycle network and will support cycle storage and hire in transport nodes in the Capital.  We will also support cycle priority routes where vehicles give priority to cycles.
The 20mph restrictions would also help to reduce injury and death on the roads, as nine out of 10 pedestrians would be killed if hit by a car travelling at 40mph and one in five would be killed if hit by a car travelling at 30mph, however in accidents involving cars travelling at only 20mph, only one in 40 people are killed.  Many residential roads in London's boroughs are part of cycling and walking routes to and from school and this proposal would help to increase safety and encourage residents to cycle or walk rather than take the car.  It will also improve the safety of elderly residents and those with disabilities.  The Christian Peoples Alliance has been campaigning for improved cycle routes and increased safety in local roads for some time.  Its local government manifesto for the last election included proposals to review road widening schemes from the perspective of local communities, promote cycle lanes and make urban routes more pedestrian and cycle friendly.
We will initiate a cycle planning website, similar to existing journey planner websites, showing the best way to complete a journey by bike and how this links to existing cycle routes, bike hire outlets and cycle storage points.  This will also advertise major cycling routes to London attractions and events, and provide a guide to the main cycle routes around the Capital.
The Christian Peoples Alliance would also subsidise on road cycle training for London's children and initiate cycling awareness campaigns for drivers, professionals working in related fields and the general public to highlight key safety issues.  Where possible we would seek to return one way to two way systems and encourage home zones which give equal priority to pedestrians and road users, slowing the speed of through traffic.  The Christian Peoples Alliance  have also campaigned for a number of years to establish a network of 'green ways' with tree and flower planting to pedestrian and cycle routes, linking parks to canals, the riverside, allotments and local town centres to provide routes in and around the city and encourage wildlife corridors.  This will not only provide green lungs for the capital but allow cyclists to enjoy them."