Mayor's flagship cycle projects need the right support to succeed

Koy Thomson, Peter Murray and Boris Johnson discuss cycling and city streets

The major cycle projects the mayor suppports in his Way To Go transport paper could fail without the right supporting measures.

The projects' success will depend on the continuation of existing cycling programmes to deliver growth in cycle use, according to the London Cycling Campaign.

LCC welcomes the mayor’s plans for a mass cycle-hire scheme, cycle hubs in the outer boroughs, and special dedicated cycling routes into central London.

However, without funding for cycle training for children and adults, a completed network of cycle-friendly routes, support for community and schools projects and action on travel planning, safer lorries and cycle parking, the flagship initiatives could fail.

"We share the mayor's view that a cycle-ised city is a civilised city, but for his flagship programmes to succeed he has to continue supporting the many smaller initiatives that will make the big ones work," said Koy Thomson, LCC's chief executive.

LCC will be seeking assurances from the mayor that the cycling budget will be sufficient to cover both the new flagship projects and existing best-practice initiatives.

LCC supports the mayor's ambition to persuade people out of their cars, but warns that a preoccupation with motor traffic flows only encourages more cars on to the road.

"Road pricing, combined with better public transport and better conditions for walking and cycling, is the only effective and fair way to stem the growth of motor traffic congestion," added Koy Thomson.