Mayor's new Vision for Cycling is "ground-breaking" says London Cycling Campaign

Mayor Boris Johnson has today published what LCC believes to be one of the most ambitious plans to promote cycling ever produced by a major UK political leader.

Describing it as a "profound shift in my ambitions and intentions for the bicycle in London," the plan - entitled The Mayor's Vision for Cycling in London - contains bold improvements over past policy and sets a challenge for all decision-makers across London.

Speaking to LCC the Mayor's Cycling Commissioner, Andrew Gilligan said:

"Today's document shows how seriously the Mayor has taken his Go Dutch promise to the LCC and the cyclists of London. Both the Mayor and I pay tribute to the LCC, journalists, bloggers and other campaigners for driving the issue so far up the political agenda."

With multiple commitments to adopt Dutch style infrastructure and international best practice - as well as commitments on better cycle routes, motor traffic restriction in residential areas and 'mini-Holland' town centre developments - Mayor Johnson has made his strongest statement to date that he means to keep the promises he made to LCC's Love London, Go Dutch campaign.

Responding to the Vision for Cycling LCC Chief Executive Ashok Sinha said:

"The Mayor's Vision for Cycling is exciting and ground-breaking, and a just reward for the 42,000 people who supported our Love London Go Dutch campaign. Although it could be improved and we are yet to see the details, which will be critical to its success, the Vision represents a major leap in political ambition and funding for cycling over the next three years, and is an unambiguous commitment to learning from international best practice as called for by LCC supporters."