Meet LCC's London Cycling Mechanics

London Cycling Mechanics

LCC’s London Cycling Mechanics are a skilled and experienced team who help thousands of Londoners keep their bikes safe and roadworthy, but there’s more to this lot then first meets the eye; they’re cycling professionals at heart eager to share their love of bikes and expertise. They visit companies, universities, schools and organisations across the capital and SE England; fixing bicycles to help keep existing cyclists on the road and their wheels turning, but also work to inspire everyone from new cyclists to well-oiled riders.

Not only do the mechanics provide expert bike assessment; checking tyres are pumped up sufficiently, gears and brakes are working and there are no major mechanical faults, but they will also teach people how a bike works, and how to fix it. This is an invaluable skill for everyone who rides no matter how regularly, equipping you with the knowledge to carry out quick repairs yourself and saving you money by avoiding that trip to the bike shop. They also explain how to maintain your bike and keep it roadworthy – this can be through individual lessons whilst your bike is being checked or through group sessions.

All our London Cycling Mechanics regularly ride in London and can advise on the best tips for getting around the capital by bike; they’ll happily share their knowledge on everything from the best kit to those sneaky back routes that will open your eyes to corners of London that you never even knew existed. Many of our mechanics are also involved in local community projects and use their skills to help hard-to-reach groups take up cycling.

Many organisations reward their staff or students with a free bike check-up because a healthy bike is ultimately better to ride and will help with the life span of your cycle in the long-run, plus it’s good peace of mind to know that your cycle is on top form.

The Metropolitan Police, Wellcome Trust, British Land and the Home Office have all benefitted from a visit from the London Cycling Mechanics, so if you want to reward or bring out the inner-cyclist in your staff, customers, clients, or students, please get in touch with LCC’s Cycling Projects Team for more information.

Meet the mechanics

Wendy and Richard work at our twice monthly Broadgate Bike Station in the city, helping all those cyclists who make up a total 33,000 employees at Broadgate Estate. This service is paid for by the estate manager and is provided to their 33 business tenants. Wendy and Richard are also both qualified cycle instructors and take new commuters out on short rides to boost their skills, which also provides a great introduction to cycle training sessions.

Clara worked on our recent project with smoothie kings, innocent, and their Chain of Good campaign. This initiative saw pockets of London come alive with impromptu pop-up performances, free smoothies and our London Cycling Mechanics on-hand to offer complimentary bike check-ups.

Anna and Diego are great at helping to teach children about bicycle mechanics and they recently visited teenagers at Hayden School to finish off the bikes they had built. This was great opportunity for this group of young people to learn a practical skill early in life that will be useful to them as they use their bike and explore London more as they get older.

A whole team of our mechanics have been working together through the winter, come rain or shine, helping London students and university staff ensure their bikes are Grade A when it comes to safety. As part of our London by Cycle events in conjunction with TfL. They’ve also met hundreds of people who are new to the capital and helped get them in the saddle and ready to tackle a puncture!

You can view more event photos by visiting the Cycling Projects tumblr