Meet the Cycling Services team!

Who: Cycling Services Team

What: Workshops, mechanics, pop-up cycle cafes and safety talks for landowners, corporates, unis & colleges, local government and community groups

Contact: or call our Cycling Services team on 020 7234 9310 ext. 212 

More info: Download our cycling services booklet


You probably already know that London Cycling Campaign are the voice for people who cycle (or want to cycle) in London, but you might not know about our Cycling Services team – who delivered a whopping 190 cycling events in 2015!

We work with large landowners, corporate clients, universities & colleges, local government and community groups. We are definitely the capital's experts on getting Londoners cycling.

By booking your cycling workshops, mechanics, pop-up cycle cafes and safety talks though us, you're helping to support our campaigning, to create a better London for everyone.

The health benefits of cycling are well known and with all the cycling infrastructure being built in London this is the perfect time to encourage your employees to cycle

Read on to find out how we help to create and maintain a cycle-friendly workplaces...

Have colleagues who want to commute to work but are worried about cycling safety?

How about a London Cycling Safety Workshop? Often run as a lunchtime session - where our expert staff cycle instructors come to you and outline the skills and knowledge needed for confident urban cycling.


Fancy having a mechanic check and repair you and your workmate’s bikes at the office?

One of our lovely London Cycling Mechanic sessions are a great way to reward cyclists and make sure everyone’s bikes are safe roadworthy.


There’s a group of you in the office who already cycle, but don’t have 3rd party cycling insurance*?

 How about a New Year work perk? Get your workplace to purchase a...

Workplace Membership Bundle - at only £20 per person for a whole year! That's a 50% discount on our regular membership* with all it's benefits for 10 or more people from the same workplace.

Pay for a membership bundle by credit card here or email for more information.

*What’s 3rd party cycling insurance?

*What do I get with London Cycling Campaign membership?

Looking for activities to run for your staff as part of Go Green Week in February or Sustainability week at the end of May?

Then look no further – one of our Pop-Up Cycle Cafes could be just the job!

With beautiful bikes to try out & friendly expert advice on hand – we’re always here to help whether you’re a seasoned pro, or thinking about learning to ride for the first time. There’s something for everyone.

We can offer activities for any space requirement – just let us know what you’d like and we'll tell you what we can offer!

Email or call our Cycling Services team on 020 7234 9310 ext. 212 

To find out more about the Cycling Service team, download our cycling services booklet or contact us today to find out how we can help you or your workplace.  

Email or call our Cycling Services team on 020 7234 9310 ext. 212