Meeting with Council Engineers

Members of ICAG meet regularly (usually every 6-8 weeks) with several of the engineers who are responsible for the cycling schemes around the borough & as a result of this we've been able to have a greater input into their plans.

Some of these plans are now on the council website & we welcome your feedback on them (They are in pdf format so you need Adobe Acrobat reader which I think is available from the website).

Go to & then click on Environment & Conservation on the left, then Traffic & Transportation & then Cycle Schemes.

In the North Section is a plan to improve the chicanes for cyclists in Marlborough & Hatchard Roads; in the South Section are proposals for crossing Cannonbury Road to/from Braes Street & in the West Section is a plan for crossing Upper Street to/from Barnsbury Road.

If you have any comments on these plans and/or you'd like to get involved in our meetings with the council please contact the current ICAG Coordinator.