Members, have you voted in the board elections? And don't miss the AGM

For the first time ages, we have contested board of trustee elections this year.

This is no mean feat for any organisation as nearly half of all trustee positions in UK charities are vacant.

So when most charities are struggling to find people willing to invest time and effort for free as trustees, we now have a healthy surplus.

This is in no small part due to the increased effort we've put in during 2011 to encourage people to nominate themselves for the trustee elections.

We've also made it easier to contact existing trustees.

  • Our new website, launched in June, has a section devoted to current board members and their activities
  • We published an article about the board and the election in the August-September issue of London Cyclist magazine
  • We held an open day at our head office where prospective nominees could speak with staff and current board members
  • We made all our board members easily contactable by standardising their email addresses as For example, you can contact chair Andy Cawdell by emailing

The surplus of candidates is no doubt also due to the popularity of cycling in London at the moment, and we're delighted so many people are keen to play their part in making London a better cycling city.

This year, there are ten candidates for six places, and members can vote for up to six using the form posted to them with the October-November 2011 issue of London Cyclist magazine. (This is a secret ballot.)

Members are also invited to use the same form to vote on motions to the AGM (please note the correction to Motion 8 on this page).

Members can also vote in person at the 2011 AGM, which takes place on Wednesday 16 November at South Bank University in SE1.

At the AGM, which we encourage all members to attend, there'll be refreshments, as well as exciting discussions and presentations:

  • Free buffet with food and alcoholic drinks (7-7.30pm)
  • Introduction to Go Dutch 2012 mayoral election campaign
  • Review of our activities during 2010-11 (see photo)
  • London Cycling Awards 2011
  • Drinks in The Albert Arms from 9pm

You can also find our 2011 Accounts and the minutes of the 2010 AGM on this page.

Look forward to seeing you there...