Met police appeal against decision to allow Critical Mass

The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police has insisted that they would go ahead with their appeal against the decision to allow the Critical Mass bike ride to continue in London.

Critical Mass rides have been taking place since April 1994 and last summer the High Court ruled that rides did not need to have prior permission from the police under the Public Order Act 1985. However, the police have appealed against the decision on the grounds that the rides are illegal as they are not given prior notification of the route.

Jenny Jones, a Green Party member of the London Assembly, commented:

"I find it amazing that London's over stretched police service is able to waste time on petty minded court cases against slow moving cyclists and on enforcing a ridiculous law against mildly eccentric protests outside Parliament. Ian Blair is constantly talking up the impossible job which his over stretched police service has to do in London. In fact, he has spent several years claiming to have no extra funding for enforcing the rules on London's lawless roads, yet he does have money spare for clamping down on civil liberties?"

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